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Why aren't Muslim women blowing up Christian churches in Kano?

Why don't we hear of Igbo women armed robbers and kidnappers operating in Amambra State?

It's basically a retelling of the Bible with a strong focus on the Book of Genesis and the other chapters at the beginning of the Old Testament. presents a pretty rattling tale of mankind that's quite modern, hard to detect (at first), and deeply disturbing.

It is not farfetched to argue that the main reason men dominate in some professions designed for women is because men have successfully subjugated women and thrown women out of engagement in certain intellectual pursuits that command respect and money.

Why then are women relegated to subservient roles as cooks, housekeepers, and caregivers?

While men excel in the use of brute force, women on the other hand, excel in domains that lead to survival in the Twentieth Century and these traits include intelligence, physical and emotional health, sensory perception, sociability, and longevity.

Why are the vast majority of artists, musicians, scientists, and inventors male?

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It is because by sheer brutish force men have pushed women out of lucrative professions traditionally considered masculine, such as Presidents, Generals, physicians, chefs, bakers, and tailors. Great Grandmother Eve wasn't there at the beginning when God created the universe and gave Adam exclusive authority over all creation, was she?

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