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The virtual environment offers the opportunity to administer controlled tasks such as the typical neuropsychological tools, but in an environment much more like a standard classroom.

The virtual reality classroom offers several advantages compared to classical tools such as more realistic and lifelike environment but also records various measures in standardized conditions.

Dans les troubles du spectre de l’autisme, les applications thérapeutiques de la réalité virtuelle ont montré une efficacité dans la reconnaissance des émotions, l’amélioration des habilités cognitives et les compétences sociales.

Concernant le trouble déficit de l’attention avec hyperactivité, la réalité virtuelle a été utilisée comme outil d’évaluation en situation scolaire de composantes telles que l’attention, l’hyperactivité et l’impulsivité.

Ca me donne l'impression que le seul intérêt d'un surdoué, c'est d'exploiter son intelligence.

This article will expose the main studies that have used virtual reality with children and adolescents suffering from psychiatric disorders.

For eating disorders, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) program enhanced by a body image specific component using virtual reality techniques was shown to be more efficient than cognitive behavioural therapy alone.

The body image-specific component using virtual reality techniques boots efficiency and accelerates the CBT change process for eating disorders.

Virtual reality is a relatively new technology and its application in child and adolescent psychiatry is recent.

However, this technique is still in its infancy and much work is needed including controlled trials before it can be introduced in routine clinical use.

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Most of the studies using a virtual classroom have found that children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder make significantly fewer correct hits and more commission errors compared with controls.

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