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What's even more funny about that exchange is that Suze was so quick to defend her “great product” and looks like she's quietly shutting it down. #burn 😉 Here are 14 other reasons why you shouldn’t listen to Suze Orman.

A lot of people pass themselves off as experts, when in truth there are no experts – only practitioners No where is this more true than in the financial realm.

Use your portion to fund a high-yield savings account. Every woman also needs one credit card in her name only.

If you become divorced or widowed, an individual credit history will enable you to get a loan and open utility accounts without leaving a deposit, and may even help you land a job (some employers check applicants' credit during the hiring process). Debts you had prior to marriage are yours alone —unless you actively merge them.

When you wed, don't automatically rush to combine everything.

You can help each other out by chipping away at your loans without becoming officially responsible for each other's. Be pragmatic about the assets you bring into a marriage.

Later in 1987, Suze Orman resigned from the Prudential and founded Suze Orman Financial Group in Emeryville, California. As a writer and author, Suze Orman has written several books and columns. She is also a contributor to The Philadelphia Inquirer and also has written for Connection Magazine. She is estimated to have the net worth of million which she owned with her hard work. The couple got married in 2010 and has been enjoying their married life to fullest.

She worked for Merrill Lynch as a financial advisor and later, founded her own company, Suze Orman Financial Group.

She is an author of several books on personal finance and also is the host of The Suze Orman Show on CNBC for which she earned a Gracie Award.

After paying the bills and putting away for retirement, I think you should be entitled to an equal share of any household income left over at the end of each month. That's an important distinction many couples fail to honor.

Just because one of you earns the paycheck doesn't mean that person should lord over how the money is handled.

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Many women struggle with the same root problem: how to mesh love and money. If you're married and don't earn income, you can still build your own savings.

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