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British POWs from the Battle of Saratoga complained to Parliament that he gave them short supplies. Time, Wisdom and Perseverance will reduce it into Form, and give it Strength, Order and Harmony. Note: Mozart's father Leopold Mozart, was also a Freemason and composer. Senator from Illinois, who gained fame by his debates with Abraham Lincoln. A monument was dedicated to him Masonically in Chicago on Sept. A hierophant is an interpreter of sacred mysteries and arcane principles. Israel's chief Ashkenazi rabbi Yona Metzger speaks to members of the Polish capital's Jewish community at the Nozyk synagogue in Warsaw on February 21, 2008. The story is a metaphor for the various subversive information-gathering and mind-control techniques applied by some organizations in society.

John Jay (1745-1829) Co-wrote the Federalist Papers, first Chief Justice of the U. In this work you are (in the style of your professions) a Master Builder, and God grant that you may long continue a Free and Accepted one.” [41] Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) Freemason and Austrian composer. Mozart's involvement in Freemasonry may have played a role in his death. [44] Marquis de Lafayette (1757-1834) 33° Freemason [45] and French military officer who was a general in the American Revolutionary War and a leader of the Garde Nationale during the bloody French Revolution. have been named after him, including 39 lodges, 18 chapters, 4 councils, 4 commanderies, and 7 Scottish rite bodies. [78]Note: the Papal cross “Hero of the Soviet Union” Vasily Chuikov throws the satanic 666 eye sign and probably gets rewarded with a Masonic shake by Wilhelm Pieck, the first president of the “DDR”. AFP PHOTO / JANEK SKARZYNSKI (Photo credit should read JANEK SKARZYNSKI​/AFP/Getty Images) [99] In the 1967 TV series "The Prisoner" this handsignal is used by some people to say goodbye - often accompanied by the phrase: "be seeing you! Illustration from Maurice Bessy's Pictorial History Of Magic And The Supernatural, depicts the ancient gesture of benediction, the shadow of which represents Satan. 1965) Churchill used the "V" sign extensively throughout WWII as his trademark "V for Victory".

In 1883, after 8 years as Commander in-chief of the U. Army, Freemason and General George Washington bid sad farewell to his brothers in arms at New York City's Fraunces Tavern. Left: Anthony Sayer, first Grand Master of the London Lodge, founded in 1717. [22] Chaim Potok, Hasidic Jewish writer and novelist, creates a headcovering of cabalistic magic. (non-codified eclectic collection of New Age beliefs) Edwin Booth (b. 1893) Freemason, Shakespearean actor, and older brother of American stage actor and assassin, John Wilkes Booth. The brothers are shown here acting in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar in 1864. 1904) Freemason and designer and sculptor of the Statue of Liberty in New York harbor. 1865) Freemason and American stage actor who assassinated U. Note: Because of Wilkes' notoriety, the Freemasons have quietly removed his name from their membership records. Rhodes was a Member and Worshipful Master of Harmony Lodge, #9, in Cranston, Rhode Island. Note: Feet In this painting depicting the signing of the United States Declaration of Independence on July 4th 1776, the man in the center of the painting can clearly be seen giving the hidden hand gesture.

This sign is also reminiscent of the fourth sign in the initiation for the Select Master’s Degree (see Richardson’s Monitor of Freemasonry, p. (Photo: Newsweek, August 5, 2002) [33] Paul Whitehead (1710-1774) English satiric poet and prominent member of the infamous Hellfire Club. Edwin is seen giving the hidden hand sign, even though he is in costume. The Statue of Liberty is actually a representation of the Goddess Columbia and is coded full of secret society meanings and occult symbolism. He was also the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Rhode Island in 1892-1893. Note: At least 9 Freemasons are known to have signed the Declaration of Independence.

George Washington (1732-1799) Freemason and 1st President of the United States. (he is presumed to be a Mason) Exact date of photo unknown.

Washington was initiated on November 4th, 1752 in the lodge at Fredericksburg, Virgina. 1881) 14° Freemason [63] and 20th President of the United States. Mikhail Levandovsky (center), gives the hidden hand for the photo.

Salomon Rothschild was quite possibly the paternal grandfather of Adolf Hitler. Anderson was in command of Sumter at the time of the Confederate attack. The second mason reciprocates the gestures by pressing his thumb against the area between the first and second knuckle joints of the first two fingers of the other mason.

Hitler's father's mother was a maid in Salomon Rothschild mansion, and Salomon was a well-known womanizer. 1881) French lexicographer and philosopher."In 1875, he applied for membership in the Masonic Lodge La Clémente Amitié (Grand Orient de France)." (...) "... Hugo was also deeply involved in the occult and mysticism. This handshake is sometimes referred to as "Shibboleth.” Tubalcain Handshake The secret Masonic handshake of the master mason degree begins with one mason pressing his thumb in the space between the second and third knuckles of the right hand.

Interestingly, since this would have made Hitler part Jewish, investigating Hitler's family tree was illegal in Nazi Germany on pain of death. Known as the "George Washington of South America" Bolívar used genocidal terror tactics to achieve his aims. This grotesque tale was the basis for Batman's "Joker" character. They each press their thumbs firmly into the space between the second and third knuckles of their hands.

He joined Freemasonry in Cadiz, Spain and received the Scottish Rite degrees in Paris and was knighted in a Commandery of Knights Templar in France in 1807. Bolívar also served as the president of Columbia, Peru, and Bolivia in the 1820's. It has been alleged that Hugo was not only a Rosicrucian but was also Grand Master of the occultic order known as the Priory of Sion. This handshake or grip is sometimes referred to as "Tubalcain.” Ma-Ha-Bone Handshake The Master Mason also has a handshake or grip known as the “Ma-Ha-Bone.” This involves interlacing the thumbs of both hands when two masons meet and shake (with their right hands).

Bolívar founded and served as master of Protectora de las Vertudes Lodge No. One mason presses his fingers against the other mason’s wrist.

[37] Note: Feet (see previous) Throughout his career, Washington visited several lodges and attended many Masonic functions. 1820 - d.1891) Ruthless American Civil War Union general. Mc Clellan was the Democratic nominee opposing Lincoln in the 1864 presidential election. The order of Skull & Bones was established in 1832 at Yale University. Note: the pointed ears - reminiscent of devil depiction. I Love You: The “Y” hand is held up with the index finger extended." [73] Jason Alexander, who played the loveable loser "George Costanza" on the show, posed for TV Guide magazine in a blatantly cabalistic body pose.

His correspondence has many references to Freemasonry. David's Lodge in Newport, Rhode Island, Washington stated: ".. His total war polices of "scorched earth" against the South, have earned him the reputation as the first 'modern general'. Note: that this series has many references to socialism, fascism, militarism, freemasonry (eg. Pike" - as in Albert Pike - described by William Cooper), and has gathered a large cult following. Plus, his left and right hands gave the "El Diablo" horned devil sign in an "As Above, So Below" gesture.

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