Shane meaney and danielle murphree dating

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In her spare time, she was also a professional latin dancer.

She is fluent in Spanish and “Chinese” which was useful when she was asked to be an Ambassador to China.

When times were hard, Dani would retreat to the three-story tree house her Daddy built for her in the backyard and practice her poses in the many mirrors she kept there.

Sometimes she would just sit in her treehouse staring into her mirrors and thinking of happier times, like back when her great grandfather invented laundry detergent.

She was white knuckling it through the boredom, relying on cheeses to bring her comfort, when the most terrible thing happened to her!

Her dastardly parents tried to sell her to gypsies!

She certainly would not have gotten married, or pretend married, or almost married, or sort of engaged that’s for sure. She has since made up for the loss by her wise investments in the stock market.Apparently, this was a popular form of foreplay in Alabama in the early 2000s.She loved oral sex and swallowing in particular and tried every possible sexual position with her boyfriends.It was a very important program and she focused all of her time on the writing of it.Sadly, this left her with no time to tend to her lady garden which quickly grew out of control into a large, ginger bush.

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Her pretend husband would never have spent her fortunes that she earned from being a diamondologist at Kay Jewelers, and working at Victoria’s Secret and Abercrombie and Fitch and modeling and being in the Miss USA pageant and posing for Harley Davidson calendars, y’all. All of this trauma of course took a toll on Danielle’s health. She was in at least one fatal car accident and a jet ski accident.