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Finding out it's a real company only solidified my scammer was truthful. [email protected] anyone is currently talking to this man or has in the past and knows of any legal action I can take, please contact me via email.

Thanks to this man, I'm not comfortable listing my number. [email protected] is a real man named Jay Francis Mc Hugh on Facebook.

All the signs were there, but its hard to see them when your heart is leading the way.

Not only did he prey on my finances, but my heart as well.

His profile will show his real business, photos and where he lives, was born, went to school and he has close to 5,000 friends. I was contacted by a scammer using two of Jay's real photos but going by the name of Chris Anderson. The real man is not going to do this but the scammers will.

I was receiving emails in return concerning the job, so it really had me convinced that he was legitimate.After seeing the amount in his bank account, I had no reason to ever believe he'd want anything from me. I spoke with "Christopher" for nearly 6 months, in which time he was obviously building my trust.He even offered to transfer money to my bank account for being so kind in helping him out with emails to his supplier while he was away and couldn't access his account. I'm out nearly 00 since he wiped out my account. The saying "Hindsight is 20/20" definitely rings true.Be careful Now the lady that was going to bring her scammer to USA cause she felt sorry from him. Living with friends in a one room place all of them?I have one of them now asking for money and begging me to bring him here, but I know of 13 other women he has scammed. God Bless you all I want to throw these names out for all to see. They opened up Facebook Profiles in the name of a real man and started scamming women using this man's profile, photos and his actual name.

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Everything from the contract letter from Pemex Oil, to the emails to his supplier called Plamedi were so very convincing.

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