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But I find that most men in their late 50s won't even consider a woman anywhere near my age because they all want to start a family. What 30-year-old woman, with the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual capacity of being a good wife and mother, is going to be tempted to meet a 58-year-old online?

There is no sense in hanging on to dead relationships and in fact it is time for you to be more realistic, and it also pays to look for a fresh relationship that will take you somewhere nice.

Thus, it makes sense for them to approach things with an open mind.

At this age it pays to be ready to date with people who may not be their type.

In their thirties women are not looking to settle down and nor are they looking for Mr. At this age they don't need to put any pressure on themselves.

Although there is nothing really wrong with wanting to get married the truth is that women in their thirties may be looking for something more casual.

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So, it makes sense for women in their thirties to try something outside their comfort zones.

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