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Commitment phobia online dating

I have a phobia of large groups of people doing synchronized things together. I have a total and utter phobia of rotting dairy products.

In the shower I can't stand having the water touch my face.I've been afaid of them for as long as I can remember. i have a phobia of cracked computer screens well i am scared of cracked computer screens because of the black blotch it makes. On my first trip to Sea World at two years old, my parents were … Fear of sleeping in a car with friends or family Well, I have no idea what this is called.When i look at them i shiver and sweat and it makes me feel very uncomfortable. Phobia of metal shower heads and associated metal plumbing Hi - I'm sort of relieved that I'm not the only one with this strange fear but also surprised! Absolutly terrified of the black pool lines!!!!!!!!! Fear of screaming something out in a public place I don't think anyone can help me. Fear of batteries; Fear of Consuming shards of metal and/glass Since I was first prengant with my daughter a few years ago, I developed several phobias (on top of the ones I already have-heights,and claustrophobia). Fear of walking into the room with someone sleeping I have this problem where I CAN NOT walk into the room with someone sleeping.. Terrified of not being able to touch the bottom of the pool I have no clue what the phobia is called but I'm terrified of not being able to touch the bottom of the pool. Fear of Underwater view,underwater creatures,especially Sharks I remember when I was still six or five years old,my father used to watch discovery channel and see these sharks swimming underwater,and I don't know but … I have a phobia of being in a car and falling asleep.Any time I see something to do with my phobia I automatically start freaking out and jumping …Fear of Taxidermy - mounted or stuffed animal heads Petrified of taxidermy and mounted animal heads! Afraid of the dark rooms at the other end of my house I'm afraid of the dark rooms at the other end of my house.

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I Have been terrified of of the black pool lines for as long as I can remember I think this started when I was pigging backing my sister and I stepped … Ok..its not so much of a phobia as a major discomfort. I like cry and curl up any time somebody rubs on their jeans or bites them. My fear of Aliens, Ghosts, and Mirrors when it's Dark I am not that afraid of these terms, items, or beings in general. Psychiatrists have never been able to solve this problem. if someone is sleeping on the couch i can not walk into the living room.. I cant stand when people are sat down and move there feet I cant stand when people are sat down and move there feet. Fear of being beheaded and left to be hurt and never be happy again My name is Dionne and i live in north london and i have a fear of dying. The fear of driving in a car and that it will explode... But I don't mind sleeping, it is just with people that … What is the name of my phobia I have a fear of wide open spaces.