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Changes in dating

They may feel judged or start becoming very self conscious of their own habits which will make them uncomfortable.

If the main bond of the relationship was the shared habit i.e.

Resistance to the change is what often causes the pain – you just want things back how they were, but life isn’t like that.

If you are finding it very hard to accept a change in your partner it may be because are you resisting change in yourself.

Change of behaviour As people grow older, and as relationships develop, how you spend your time together will naturally change.

A heavy drinker will feel more comfortable if they are with someone who likes to drink with them; a smoker will be less self conscious of the smell of tobacco on their breath and clothes if their partner smokes too and an overeater will be much happier with someone who enjoys their gastronomic delights as much as they do. The dilemma arises if one of you decides they have had enough and goes on a fitness kick.

Although we all know that drinking, smoking and over-eating are bad for us the partner who hasn’t changed can often find it very hard to accept if they are not ready to quit yet.

They feel so good about themselves that they start putting pressure on their partner.

Unless you have made a joint decision to do this together you must respect your partner’s right to choose when to make the change for themselves.

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I wish we could bring back the romance but keep our options-in a perfect world, of course!

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