Bi sexual chat with strangers

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Nikki actually seemed to like the attention, and she looked at us staring at her as she paused with the top half way up, and then she laughed abd took it all the way off, wiggling her body facetiously, as if mocking our intensity. At that point I recognized that there was the same dynamic present as when we'd had threesomes, but I didn't believe we would give in and act on the feelings.Later when Chad stood up to get out of the tub to go get more drinks, I found myself staring at his shorts, where there was a noticeable bulge, and wondering how well endowed he was.The obvious reason for this reaction is to increase the frequency of his sex with his mate and thereby increase the likelihood that he, rather than the other men, will impregnate her.It is a biological mechanism that serves an important role in propagation of the male's genes.She wrapped a towel around herself and headed into the house.When she returned she scooted in next to me and whispered that she had something to tell me.She began to turn away but something made her pause for a moment and then she saw his cock as a stream cut loose into the commode. Now, Nikki loves big cocks, so I wasn't surprised hear that she became captivated. Somehow he realized he was being watched and he began to put on a little show, stroking his cock a little as if to get the last drops out. Not only was it quite long and thick, it had a giant mushroom head.

Her indifference to my feelings and her willingness to intentionally inflict as much emotional harm as possible without remorse or regret were eye-opening and saddening.I pulled her close and asked her what had happened.Here's what she related: She had walked down the hall to where she knew the restroom was located, and as she came around the corner she saw Chad beginning to use the restroom himself, door open.I knew I would be better off ending our relationship, and opening the door to building something with someone else. For one thing, she was an extremely beautiful Asian girl in fantastic shape, with large firm breasts, big sensitive nipples, long sexy legs, tight little ass, and a pussy that was, well, perfect. And lastly, she was open-minded and kinky, and had embraced my sexual fantasies, which were rather extreme by society's standards.But I stayed with her week by week, half-heartedly trying to make it work but knowing we were wrong for each other. Specifically, I loved to see her with other men, and she LOVED to have two men at once (provided the other man was a hard-body stud).

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