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Ben 10 carrera contrarreloj online dating

So when longtime Intercept investigative reporter Silverstein realized that Omidyar and his pals "were shockingly disinterested in the actual journalism" how can we possibly blame him for being duped?

Like many of you, we at Pando are deeply disturbed by the sight of Omidyar fooling so many journalistic superstars.

Silverstein's claims might seem laughable were he the only Omidyar hire to protest his ignorance at the e Bay founder's background.

In fact, it turns out that almost everyone involved in First Look -- particularly those who have since resigned -- entered into Omidyar's employment without bothering to do any background reading.

[UPDATE: An earlier version of this article incorrectly described Silverstein as co-founder of Counterpunch with Alexander Cockburn; Silverstein sent me an email correctly noting that he founded Counterpunch four months before Cockburn joined, one of those small but not insignificant errors I know all too well as the sole founding editor of The e Xile—M.

A.] By the end of the week, he went a step further, publishing a searing takedown of First Look on Politico.

A year ago, Taibbi personally vouched for First Look Media’s uniqueness among billionaire-backed media projects: He then quit First Look a few months later before publishing a single word after it transpired that Omidyar's management style made it impossible for First Look's journalists to do their job.

In India, the head of Omidyar Network’s operation, Jayant Sinha, concurrently worked for the far-right BJP Party leader Narendra Modi helping him take power in 2014, after which Modi appointed the Omidyar Network partner as his junior finance minister. Pierre Omidyar is a free-market libertarian loon who told Nobel Prize winner Mohammed Younus he refused to donate to the poor unless he could personally profit off of it.

To Greenwald and his fellow 21Pierre is adamant that he wants to support independent journalists and exert no editorial control of any kind over what they write.

Everything I’ve seen has been consistent with that.

Greenwald's response: I was not previously aware that the Omidyar Network donated to this Ukrainian group [that helped organize the February 2014 Ukraine revolution].

That’s because, prior to creating The Intercept with Laura Poitras and Jeremy Scahill, I did not research Omidyar’s political views or donations.

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[A]t First Look, we were never able to be fearless.

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