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Whilst Goo Ha Ra was rumored beforehand with one of the 2PM member.None of the previous rumors saying or showing their close relationship, yet, this 2 managed to hide everything and dating.And, I must say that I appreciate their courage to reveal everything especially since both are in their top popularity!As per now June 28, 2011 none of them speak about this via their official Twitter account and only their agencies speak for them.B2ST is also in the midst of their Asia tour as the boys will throw a fanmeeting in Sunway-Malaysia on July 1st and Singapore on July 2nd, 2011.Regarding the dating news, the fans are said to be supportive and hope that the couple will be a long lasting one. My 2 cents : Okay, as Jjun’s huge noona fan, I was hoping Jjun n 4minute Hyun A are real, but KARA Hara is also gorgeous and also one of my favorite KARA member ^^ So, Congrats!A place to vent our frustrations towards the worst that the Tumblr k-pop community has to offer.As well as cringe at the idols that just don't know when to shut their yaps.

And on June 13th, 2011 they spotted together again walking around the Hongdae area.

hara was clearly not comfortable with it kyuhyun goes and says “if I open my mouth, it’s the end for Goo Hara” which implies so many things.

but you know what it implies most of all in this context?

it is to be noted here, that hara and kyuhyun are close friends, and that hara had asked kyuhyun not to mention anything personal, because she didn’t want anything about it brought, the show commences filming and almost instantly, kyuhyun goes after her and calls her a “dating-dol”.

which means dating-idol, which isn’t a bad thing because every idol dates.

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After the news released, and confirmed by their agencies, fans and media started to dig more evidences and found that Jun Hyung was giving hint through a radio show saying that his ideal girl type is one who is skinny, small face, not too tall with soft hair which suits Goo Ha Ra.

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